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Experience immediate access to leading lawyers, C-suite executives, and compliance professionals who can drive measurable improvements for the health and success of your organization.


Some of the Legal Jobs We Fill:

General Counsel

Provides legal advice and strategies to an organization’s executive team, negotiates and manages client and vendor contracts, and ensures legal compliance.

Legal Assistant

Conducts legal research, drafts documents, emails, and signatures for lawyers, and handles administrative tasks.

Staff Attorney

Handles day-to-day legal issues including research, analysis, and writing about complex legal matters.


Assists lawyers in preparing and organizing various legal documents for upcoming cases and trials, including preparing affidavits and correspondence and organizing different files for legal proceedings.

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Why Insure?


Over 15 years of industry staffing experience

Regional and national recruiting team with a superior network of industry experts

Flexible engagement model that adapts to your hiring needs

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