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Finance & Accounting

Tap into our first-rate F&A network to find talent that can improve your financial records' reliability, establish optimal financial strategies, and prepare for transformational events like going public or M&A transactions.

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Some of the Finance & Accounting Jobs We Fill:

Accountant (CPA)

Responsible for financial audits, reconciling bank statements, and ensuring accurate financial records.

Financial Analyst

Tracks financial performance, analyzes business performance and market conditions, and helps management make strategic decisions.


Helps determine the likelihood of various outcomes related to accidents, illnesses, consumer demand, and investments.


Reviews financials, helps detect slow collections, and ensures payments from your customers, vendors, etc. are being processed.

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Why Insure?


Over 15 years of industry staffing experience

Regional and national recruiting team with a superior network of industry experts

Flexible engagement model that adapts to your hiring needs

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